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KESWA is the umbrella body of sex workers led groups and organisations and it exists to strengthen the voices of sex workers and to empower their health and human rights.

Advocating for the rights of sex workers

KESWA advocates for sex worker’s rights as human rights, through awareness raising, capacity strengthening, organisational development and national advocacy.

Kenyan society that recognizes sex work as work

Our vision is to create a Kenyan society that recognises sex work as work and promotes equal protection of human rights which are foundational of a democratic society.

Our main objectives

Our main objectives are to advocate for equality, reliability, transparency, accountability and respect among sex workers.




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Our core values

The following core values guide our work

  • Accountability.We promote transparency in our movement's activities.
  • Respect and equality. We act in a way that is open, fair, accessible, equitable, and put sex workers first.
  • Reliability.We are dependable and commit to deliver on our mandate not only for the resources allocated to us, but also how we carefully manage the relationships we build and sustain within the movement.
  • ResilienceWe are determined to work through challenging situations that arise within the sex workers movement in their diversities and come out stronger.
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Sweat it out - Celebrating World Sex Workers' Day

On 2nd June, KESWA's empresses celebrated world sex workers day by sweating it out on the field. KESWA's team was so strong that they had to let their opponents score three goals against them. Yes, that's how good we are at football.

Sharing our Sex Stories

On 2nd May, KESWA got an exclusive invite to "The Sex Lives of African Women" book launch. There we got to share lots on our well being as sex workers.

Nurturing our entreprenual culture.

We currently have a team setting up a farm business within the city's metropolis. More to be shared.;