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Elections is coming! Decision time!

  • KESWA Management
  • 04 Aug 2022

Elections is fast approaching in Kenya. Thus, KESWA will be closing it's Offices from the 8th to 12th of August thereafter followed by our Annual silent week from the 15th to 19th of August 2022 We will effectively resume our functions on Monday August 22nd 2022. We look forward for a peaceful elections ahead. Vote for a better future!

HIV 2025 Prevention Roadmap

#HIV Prevention 2025 Road Map 10-point Action Plan

  • Phelister Abdalla
  • 01 Aug 2022

Today, the #HIV Prevention 2025 Road Map 10-point Action Plan launched at #AIDS2022. It’s success hinges on: Community investment, Accountability , Greater youth leadership and Ending inequalities & Keeping the #LGBTQ community #SexWorkers and #PWD in lead. The roadmap intends to conduct a data driven assesment of HIV prevention programme needs and barriers.The roadmap also adopts a precision prevention approach that focuses on the key and priority populations to develop national HIV prevention goals aligned to 2025 targets. In the road map, the country investment needs for an adequately scaled HIV prevention response is defined. Furthermore, sustainable financing for the above is ensured.

Ending stigma against sex workers

“Sex work is not my identity, Sex work is my profession!”

Imagine a future in Kenya in which sex workers live free from stigma and discrimination; free from all forms of violence; do not face legal punishment; sex worker’s rights are respected; enjoy universal access to health services and suppport; have free choice of employment and economic security; and where sex work is recognized as work and not criminalized and conflated with trafficking.

safe pleasure

Getting it safe n' sweet

Did you know that using internal condoms can increase pleasure during sex? Another fun fact is that if properly used it ensures safety from STIs. The inner ring stimulates the tip of the penis while the external ring rubs against the vulva and the clitoris - double pleasure, double trouble. KESWA advocates for safe and protected sex. For emergencies, get in touch with KESWA through our toll free line 0800 720 262 or call 0780 225 813.

Emergency Toll Free Numbers

For any emergency contact our toll free line 0800 720 262 or call 0780 225 813

Self-care isn't selfish

Self-care is the ability of individuals, families & communities to: Promote health, Prevent Disease, Maintain Health, cope with illness & disability With or without the support of a health worker.
Ensuring the right to health for all requires a fundamental in our health systems. Self-care interventions for sex-workers is also key. Consolidating guidelines on self-care interventions for health is important. KESWA is a body that embraces self-care. When individuals are given the opportunity to become active agents in their health, not merely passive recipients of health services, their health outcomes improve. Self-care can pave the way towards better health and a world where everyone is able to realize their right to health.

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