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Changing the narrative

Our Mission is to amplify the voices of and connect sex workers.

Transparency, respect, equality

Creating a society that recognises sex work as work

Safety and security for female workers

For emergencies call for free 0800 720 262 or call 0780 225 813


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KESWA is an umbrella body of sex workers led groups and organisations and it exists to strengthen the voices of sex workers and to empower their health and human rights

  • We were established in 2009, registered as a Non-Governmental Organizaton in 2010, according to Kenyan law.
  • KESWA recognizes diversity, thus includes female sex workers (FSWs), male sex workers (MSWs) and transgender sex workers (TSWs), sex workers who use and inject drugs, sex workers living positively, migrant sex workers and refugee sex workers in Kenya.
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Sweat it out - Celebrating World Sex Workers' Day

On 2nd June, KESWA's empresses celebrated world sex workers day by sweating it out on the field. KESWA's team was so strong that they had to let their opponents score three goals against them. Yes, that's how good we are at football.

Sharing our Sex Stories

On 2nd May, KESWA got an exclusive invite to "The Sex Lives of African Women" book launch. There we got to share lots on our well being as sex workers.

Nurturing our entreprenual culture.

We currently have a team setting up a farm business within the city's metropolis. More to be shared.;





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KESWA has elevated my status in the community. Whenever people in my community view me, they acknowledge that sex work is indeed work. I am getting the chance to change the narrative about sex work.

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KESWA has helped me identify with my community better and even get to bond more with my colleagues. I would urge more sex workers to join KESWA.

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Having an organisation that has your back is really crucial. Thanks KESWA for always having our back!

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David Warner

Senior Web Developer

But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system and expound the actual teings of the great explorer of the truth the master-builder of human

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