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Decriminalization of Sex Work in Kenya

Decriminalization of Sex work in Kenya

Impact of Sex Work Criminalization

Sex workers fear arrest and suffer extra-judicial abuse on a daily basis from both the county council police and general police. The everyday harassment by the police include rape, violence and being made to pay bribes. SOme have to give upto 50% of their earnings to police to avoid jail time. Sex workers must hide from the police and are reluctant to report crimes making the completely vulnerable to clients and other members of the public. Unequal power relations and the threat of violence limits sex workers' ability to negotiate condom use. Sex workers face discrimination and barriers to services including health services.

What would be the impact of sex work decriminalisation in Kenya

The decriminalisation of sex work leads to reduced stigma attached to it. Sex workers will more likely access police services. The sex workers and the general public will be less vulnerable to HIV, STIs and there will be better access to health facilities. Sexual violence and offences are most likely to reduce.

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