World Aids Day

Today is Word AIDs day. As we join the rest of the world to commemorate this day we need to come by together to control the spread of HIV epidermic
You and me have a great role to play to stop HIV spread
We need to

  1. Test to know our status. Looks can betray. Men in sexual reproductive age are encouraged to go for testing and know their status
  2. Use condoms correctly and consistently when not sure of your partners’ HIV status
    5 minutes with a condom is far better than a life time on ART
  3. Support people living with HIV to adhere to treatment and have suppressed viral loads to reduce the chances of transmitting HIV
  4. Avoid risk behavior that predispose you to HIV
  5. Be faithful to your partners. Better to spend that night alone in a lodge or guest house than spend the rest of your life taking ARVs
  6. Abstain where necessary. It’s not a must that you must have it. You can do with out it for a while if not the proper time with the right person
    Lastly, if you have HIV make it a point to have it stop on you and if you are negative, GUARD this jealously. REMEMBER a negative HIV result can turn positive but a positive result can never turn Negative once you are diagnosed.
    Stop discrimination and segregation of the HIV positive individuals.