The African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) will continue to host the Sex Worker Academy Africa (SWAA) in 2019.

The Academy aims to empower and build the capacity of young, and emerging sex workers leaders across Africa. Graduates of the academy will be expected to share their learning and work with other sex worker activists in their countries to build strong national movements across Africa.

Selection Criteria:

Country selection will rotate across the 4 sub-regions – East, West, Central and Southern Africa and will always include a francophone or lusophone country.

Sex worker-led organisations in the countries are asked to consult with organisation led by and working with sex workers across the country to identify and nominate a country team of 6 sex workers. The country teams should include female, male and transgender sex workers who are young and emerging sex worker leaders. Country teams may not be allocated 6 places if they do not include at least 2 genders and young adults.


ONLY COUNTRY TEAM APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED, individual applications will not be considered. ALL participants in SWAA require a high level of commitment to the sex workers’ rights movement in their country and in the Africa region.

National team of 6 sex workers, including at least two genders and come from more than one organisations and city in the country

Each national team should have at least a basic understanding of HIV prevention, treatment, care and support programmes for sex workers and advocacy for sex workers’ rights

Each national team must be able to communicate in English, French or Portuguese (it is hoped that funding will be available for Arabic and Amharic translation) – both written and verbal.  However, language diversity is welcomed.

Each member of the national team must be able to communicate by email or WhatsApp or mobile phone.

All members of the national team must be member of an organisation that supports their nomination to attend the Academy and carry out national activities upon return to their country.

National team applications that meet the above criteria will be placed on a waiting list. Selection will be based upon a rotation across the regions of Africa. National teams are encouraged to ensure the team includes sex workers living with HIV, those who use drugs and sex workers of all genders.