Commercial sex workers on Friday protested the death of one of their own in Nanyuki town, claiming the deceased was murdered.

Fridah Wambui’s body is said to have been found in a lodging on Wednesday morning, raising suspicion that she might have been attacked by a client.

However, a police officer is reported saying that Wambui’s body did not have any indications to suggest murder.

Wambui’s colleagues took to the streets accusing police of neglect, whenever they were in trouble.

According to a report by the Star, the irate women claimed that Kenyan soldiers camping in the town were responsible for assaulting, raping and killing sex workers.

In October last year, Kenya Sex Workers Association wrote to President Uhuru Kenyatta seeking his urgent address on the killings of their members, especially in Nakuru.

The action by the association followed an incident in which four women were killed and their bodies mutilated.