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Violence against women in sex work in Kenya


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Several studies have been done that capture the extent of violence suffered by sex workers globally, most of which have a focus on female sex workers. These range from research that focuses mostly on the relationship between violence and HIV/STI risk and transmission, and data from national and global HIV reports. According to the NASCOP National Violence and Prevention Protocol 2017, Kenya has a large number of key populations who include sex workers, MSM, and PWID. These populations have many connections to the general population, including sexual and drug injecting relationships, which acts as a bridge to HIV transmission between key populations and members of the general population. Interventions for KP groups have been initiated in many Counties in Kenya with support from PEPFAR, The Global Fund and other development partners since their prioritization in the Kenya National AIDS Strategic Plan IIITo reduce violence against sex workers and eliminate HIV in Kenya it is important to decriminalise activities associated with sex work and homosexuality, and stop arbitrary arrests based on county by-laws. Sex workers need to be meaningfully involved in formulating an effective national HIV response. In addition, it is vital to promote structural HIV interventions that support and empower sex workers to advocate for their rights. Finally, to prevent discriminatory treatment of sex workers, there is an urgent need for training of health care workers and police, and measures that increase police accountability.


Training of female sex workers on risk assessment and personal safety skills to advance their awareness on and response to threats. Engage with police and county officers through station/work-based sensitization forums on the rights of sex workers and their role in addressing violence against them. Maintaining and sharing the reports or lists of aggressors or violent incidents against SWs. Establishing and maintaining safe spaces or shelters to allow FSWs to gather and discuss common issues affecting them. Establishing, maintaining and publicizing 24 hour toll free hotlines for reporting, referral and general information to sex workers who experience violence. Creating linkages between sex workers and health institutions for emergency medical services in instances of violence. Establish safe and anonymous systems for reporting violence and seeking help

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