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Consent teaching pack


The consent teaching pack

I love consensual sex, I hope you do too. That's the purest form of intimacy within the land. Skin to skin, breathe to breathe, heart to heart...I'd go on and on even maybe write a poem about it. However, this isn't the case among everyone. It's still important for the parties involved to be on the same page. Having had sex with someone before, doesn't automatically mean they'd want the same ordeal again, same place same time kind of agreement. "We've had sex before is not consent" If they say "Yes" then change my mind, it's not consent. The same goes with flirting.

All hints could point towards y'all banging but if they don't say yes, you do not have their consent. One's silence does not necessarily mean they are okay with it. Please get consent first. Likewise, the absence of a "No" doesn't meant you have consent. If it's not your body it's not your decision. PERIODT!

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